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Aether Realm - Redneck Vikings From Hell

Where the hell has this been my whole life???

You know, I thought we were friends, brothers in arms, besties, some may even say lovers but I digress, what did I do wrong. I’ve gone over my love and connection to the world of Vikings. I’ve gone over that a good chunk of my life has its roots in all things redneck. So why has no one ever suggested this! The story of how I did find out about it is pretty funny but I’ve gone on long enough, here is Redneck Vikings, from Hell by Ether Realm

1. Redneck Vikings from Hell

Over on FvC, I keep my flannel look a goin, sans sleeves. My boss sees this and tells me, you should change your name to the Redneck Viking. Me, an intellectual, liked the sound of it and looked up on youtube to see if it is taken. Lo and Behold I found this song and whooo wheee is it everything I've ever wanted. I have gone over this in older vids but I don't just listen to metal but wide array. Well this song captures that multiple genre love and is excellent. Viking Metal, Pirate Metal, banjos, cool old school radio distorted vocals. It has it all! Frankly if I were a song, this may be my theme. Bad ass way to kick it off

2. Goodbye

But its only the second song. Starts off with stuff straight from my enigma pandora station, yes I still use it, that took years of crafting. That gives away to such an infectious melodic groove. As the verse kicks in it maintains the melodic vibes with haunting clean vocals. The genre shuffle continues throughout this song but everything is smooth as the best honey mead and I'm drinking it all in

3. Lean Into the Wind

You'd think it would lean into the wind instruments but starts out with the strings, strings that melt into a melodic death metal onslaught. It remains blistering through the chorus with added layers to make it feel thick, tangible. Utilizing one of my favorite music tricks, the stop, in the second verse to great effect. It drops anchor hard for the bridge and it really makes it feel like you are sailing through a storm. Layering clean guitar with the heaving strums and capping it off with a piano, perfection

Sponsorship - Viking Supps

You're Probably wondering, Fenrirock, where do you get all of your energy. Well let me tell you how, I have partnered with Viking Supps. Yes they have joined forces with the Fenrirock clan and I could not be more excited to share them with you. They became my go to energy drink a few months ago and I ain't going back. Their Berserker Energy Drink contains B vitamins, electrolytes, its what the plants crave, the Caffeine you need to go berserk, which unlike Ragnar you don't need to be in your birthday suit, but you do you, Oh and by the way, its all sugar free and only 5 calories! The Citrus Cherry is absolutely delicious and also very nostalgic. But they don't stop there, they also have their full line of work out supplements. I have begun my journey to not be a walking blob, thanks to those who watched btw, and with the power of the all father at my side I will achieve my goals. There is much more that they offer (Beef Jerky!?!) and if you want to find out for yourself follow the link in the description or in the pinned comment. Be sure to use code FENRIROCK7 on check out and you'll Save 15% off of your order. A huge thank you to all of you and to Viking Supps for the support, Skul!

4. Hunger

Nightwish in the house, with thrashy Viking bits. The riffs and drums pumped me right the hell up and delivered on the stank face. Also that chorus is deliciously catchy. Not much more to say, if you are a sucker to the scent of tasty riffs, this is your meal of choice. Look, i tried to hold off on the Hunger puns but I just couldn't stomach it ok

5. Guardian

Toning it down now with some supple key play and subdued vocals. While the vocal melody is simple, its beautiful and impactful, perpetually punctuating on the chords. When it transitions into the heavy though, pure goosebumps. This song is filled with glorious purpose. Every show needs that lighter song and this is most certainly theirs, and man do I want to participate in that

6. One Hollow Word

Then this song swings it back full circle with a flurry a drums and tremolo power. The main riff has well used open string sustained notes that always add a nice layer to a riff. If you haven't tried yourself I recommend it. This song is cleverly dynamic, on the surface seaming pretty straightforward but if you can manage to stay still and listen carefully, there is a ton going on. Halfway through it feels like it peeled back to Assassins Creed soundtrack music which to me is always a good thing. The melody decides enough with that though and just coms and stomps all over it, best way to describe that blast. The classical playing returns and sounds divine

7. She's Back

Ah crap run! The riff actually does a great job of instilling a sense of fear. There's a hint of neo classical here and I'm all for it. Neo Classical Melodic Viking Pirate Death Metal... from hell. I wonder if we will ever run out of styles.... naaaaah. Oh yea the song, it kicks ass what else do you expect at this time?

8. Slave to the Riff

I always get nervous when a songs title is based around Riff. Because its one of two things, its about to slap, or a huge disappointment that makes you wish they were talking about geography or something. This falls into... the former. The riffs are juicy as Mango and just as sweet. Sneaking in Gojira scrapes ands many other tricks you want to do nothing but groove, or for you moshers out there, you know what you do, ya nasties. Yea idk what I'm talking about either don't worry. I'm thoroughly enjoying this musical voyage i've been on as it even stops by for a little Spanish flair.

9. Cycle

Welcome to my TedTalk. Joking aside the intro is a solid please pay attention too because it is something we have all gone through. The tempo pulls down but that adds to the heavy nature of the song. This song contains my favorite drum beat. The constant 8th note bass ride cymbal play. While yea its simple its impactful if put over the right riffs. It does mix things up but its the bass of the rhythm. This song also goes a bit lower than other points of the album but more melodic as well. Its very spectrumy

10. TMHC

Didn't know it was Halloween already, hell yea! Bits of this song make me think of Phantom of the opera. There is an overall theatrical feel to this song, it is an anthem so that makes sense dumb ass. Also, fantastic video.

11. Craft and the Creator

We close it out with an 11 minute epic, which starts off reminding me a bit of Roundabout, beginning with 2 minutes of beautiful Classical playing with punches into more metal goodness, but right back into the classical, and back again. Its the merging of sounds many wouldn't expect to work but woah boy, does it. Bass gets some time to shine as well. Its a masterful Instrumental that infuses all the styles found throughout the album and is breathtaking, as was this whole album.

What else can I say? This album is First Class and a half. Its one of my favorite albums I have heard in a long time and if you haven't had a chance to check it out yourself, I highly highly recommend you do so. Thanks again to Viking Supps for supporting me, please go check out that link below and remember to use code FENRIROCK7 for 15% off your purchase. What are some albums you would like me to check out, or upcoming albums that should be on my Radar? I'm going to go back and do some more albums I may have missed or more classics, comment down below what you would like me to check out and stay tuned. Til then, names David, but you can call me Fenrirock, take care

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