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Killing is my Business VS Kill 'em All

So much Killing, first time?

Welcome to the first round of Megadeth vs Metallica as we pit their first albums up against each other. Now, an explanation of how this will work. For those that have missed my previous vs videos, I normally pit the albums track to track. However, Metallica usually has more songs on their albums, Where as Megadeth just has more albums. For the first bulk of albums, they were fairly consistent with each other. But Later when Metallica just stopped making albums, I will have to get creative. As for dealing with the issue on albums with more tracks, Here is how I will handle that. They will not go up against another track, but be taken into consideration at the end, if I think the track is worth it, it gets a bonus point. If I don't, than no point. Those will be added on to the total of that album at the end. Maybe they can come in clutch and give an album enough points to win. I will also tally the amount of song wins each album gets to serve as a tie breaker at the end. In the word of fairness though, there will be something that comes into effect at the end, as I do the same for the extra Megadeth albums, that will be much more scrutiny though as it is a straight up extra point. Now, like last time, I will not be including intro songs, interludes, mainly just little musical pieces that are mainly filler. I will however, include instrumentals this time, as they are mainstays for both bands. Lastly, I know this has been far and well established, but Megadeth is my Favorite band (tied with Styx) but Metallica is right up there. i will do my damndest to be unbiased, trust me there's one of these matchups I already know isn't going to be close in Metallica's favor. But the first few albums, except for that one, should be some absolute slug fests. So, without further adieu, lets get into this!

Last Rights/Loved to Death | Hit the Lights

You'd have to think, Dave Mustaine, he just left Metallica, here's the first song, what will we hear? Oh I know! PIANO!!! Said nobody. It does a good job of setting a creepy atmosphere before giving way to Dave's early berserk playing style, given birth from his anger, the desire to be the fastest. It just doesn't stop, and shows what thrash would come to be. Head on over to hit the lights, and even though they were no where near that level yet, it fits in with the huge stadiums they would soon start selling out. The intro just gives off that huge feeling. I love every aspect of this song, except the bounce in the chorus. not saying it is bad, just it doesn't fit in with the rest of the song. As the rest is blistering all over your face. This one is close, but as an intro song, and tone setter, Megadeth takes this one


Kisb... | MotorBreath

I know that this isn't the right spot for Motorbreath, but for those who know these albums, know what I'm doing. We get the title track from Megadeth early. It does slow down a bit after the intro, but the intricate running riff is a staple of the bands sound, along with the ever evolving song style instead of following the standard format. Motorbreath is a classic track that fittingly instils that feeling of racing around. It is a thrash classic. And this will be the only time I mention this, except for one later were it is necessary, but I'm fully aware Dave helped write this song and a good portion. But in this ranking I won't count that against them, because at the end of the day, they are Metallica Songs, and I just love the feel of Motorbreath, as it ties this up early on


The Skull Beneath the Skin | Jump in the Fire

Now this is going to be the first landslide victory (don't worry another is coming very soon). One song doesn't get any where near enough love from the fandom, where as the other, to me gets a bit too much. Vic Rattleheads theme song is a bad ass romp that if you haven't heard, is a must. As for Jump in the Fire... I have just never been a very big fan of that main riff. The verse riff is better imo, but this track has a slight feeling of silliness that I don't feel fits. Again, that's just to me. Megadeth back in the lead


These Boots | (Anesthesia)

We won't waste much time here, One is a stupid cover, that does have guilty pleasure qualities, the other is Anesthesia... no brainer


Rattlehead | Whiplash

Alright, now this, is a matchup! 2 high velocity moshing songs. Everyone knows the one rule of thrash, if you want a moshing anthem, you must state your name in the lyrics. We just so happen to get those 2 to match up here. Now, this is a moment I really had to let my bias get out of the way, because as much as I adore Rattlehead, Its freakin Whiplash man, that shit is hype


Chosen Ones | Phantom Lord

Chosen ones is an interesting song, as it feels completely different from the rest of the songs. It actually sounds like it would be right at home on Kill em all. It also reminds, feeling wise, to a song we will be hearing on Ride the Lighting. Like many songs on this album though it never loses its groove, even when it devolves into a pure shred fest. As for Phantom Lord, it starts off aggressive and just does not let up. Where as Chosen Ones was a shred fest, this song is a Riff fest, and I love me some damn riffs. The only downside I will say, is the clean section has no business here as it just comes out of nowhere, maybe with a bit more build into it, but that's something they would of course master later.


Looking Down the Cross | No Remorse

Another pretty insane matchup, as 2 of my favorite tracks from either band go head to head. And man was it a toughie. To me, Looking down the Cross is possibly the most underrated Megadeth song of all time. The atmosphere, the riffs, the continuous build up, and that pay off, its one of the best out there. No Remorse aint no slouch itself though. I love every riff of this song, it has one of my favorite Metallica Chorus' ever, and it gave birth to outro riff they would go on to stick at the end of many others live. But, it the battle of songs, I have to give this one to Megadeth, seriously if you have not heard looking down the cross, go change that


Mechanix | The Four Horsemen

The song shift that needed to happen, for obvious reasons. For fans of Metallica that do not know, and vise versa, but lets be straight up here its far more the former, The Four Horsemen was originally Mechanix. Just slowed down a little, and a whole lot added. But did it make the song better. In my opinion, no. They added a lot to make the song feel more epic, but I think they went too far, some parts really not meshing. Mechanix, even when it was a Metallica song, which you can hear on the demo tape, or find it on YouTube, is pure thrash aggressiveness. Especially if you go off the demo version on Killing is my business that shit was nuts. But we aren't talking about that. The original version of this song is pure, definitely not in lyrical content, and is what early thrash was supposed to be. I will give one thing to Four Horsemen though, it was a precursor to the style Metallica would begin to make, an omen... how fitting


Now Kill 'em all has 2 more tracks, and i will be rewarding them 1 point for seek and destroy, obviously. Metal Militia comes damn close, while I do overall enjoy the song, the verse riff is not that great lets be honest. The pull off riff to be clear. The rest is damn good. But with Seek and Destroy, the were able to Seek out the win and destroy round one by 1 point.


If you were to ask me before this I would say KIMB is better, but you cannot deny the classics on Kill em all, and they are what helped pull out the victory. Can Megadeth bounce back in round 2 as we pit Peace Sells against Ride the Lightning? Tune in next week to find out

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