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Rammstein - Zeit

Its about, time, I got to this one, right....

Zeit is the latest album from the juggernauts, Rammstein. This became one of my most anticipated albums as soon as it was announced. I am a relatively large fan of the band, so I was hopeful for an enjoyable ride, Fahrvergnügen if you will. Lets jump into it

Armee der Tristen

Starting off leaning more into the techno side of the industrial, also the music has a very middle eastern feel to the cadence. Gives it a solid groove. The guitars when present are not the star of the show, but add a lot to that groove. The song sounds more like a mid album song more so than an intro track, but does a good job of it.


This is a song I heard before from the music video, and it was one hell of a video at that. After reacting to it I learned that Zeit means time, which instantly made the video make sense. This song is absolutely beautiful, heavy by multiple meanings, and quite frankly, perfect. Its become one of my favorite Rammstein tracks. It starts off slow, building the tension, and builds to release in a wonderful swell of operatic warmth. Just, such an amazing song


Sticking with the slower vibey style and I must say, me like. I've always been very fond of these styles of songs from them. Just kinda chill out listening to great music. This is a moment I wish I spoke German so I could speak more on the lyrical content of the songs, but the vocals have a mesmeric quality to them. The piano is the main standout throughout adding to the mesmerizing melody of the song. So far so good


The synth riff sounds like something I used to play on my synth app. We also finally get a guitar riff, a nice punchy one. There's a bit of a Nightwish feel to this song, and I'm down for that. Imagine that Collab?? This is the first true high energy track, and it brought back that middle eastern feel in parts. Cool song, be it a little short

Zick Zack

A song about the absurd beauty standards in pop culture accompanied by a very fitting video. This song is pretty simple but hard hitting, sounding a bit more like an older Rammstein track, like a nice little time capsule.


Kicken up the tempo a bit here after the song starts with more choir voices. i am not sure what it is, maybe that my niece has been into watching Tarzan a lot recently, but i can't unhear clayton saying Go rill as in the chorus. Otherwise its a pretty solid chorus, and solid straightforward riff throughout the song. Overall it is least favorite track so far, and I'm sure with lyrical context that may change a bit

Meine Tranen

Why does this sound so familiar? Is this song just mutter part 2? Song has a very full body to it, has that epic slow burn feel to, in a smaller package. Bit of a nostalgic hit for older fans


The one music video I was able to avoid. Befitting of the title, the intro has a severe pump up quality. The bass is strong with this one, the biggest standout of the track. They cranked up the guitar in the chorus as its hitting single notes, and it does clash a bit with the vocals. Just a nitpick. The bridge however is bad ass

Dicke Titten

I know i said before but I don't speak or read German, so what is this title "Big boobs" oh.... nice. Songs kicks off with a fun fanfare which feels right, it gives way to the heavy though and it is quite wonderful. The chorus becomes super cheery like you just saw a pair of well.. you know


The track starts off very trippy, in the pretty way. Like the song that plays in the aquarium in Animal Crossing. Layer some buzz saws on top of that and you get a pretty sweet mix. Not sure if its what they were going for but I can picture driving to this song. There's some odd auto tune in the chorus, second time i've heard it on the album. Its being used for effect, but not sure It worked for me. The heavy bridge felt a little out of left field too. I'm 75 25 on this track.


Proper name for a final track, on a possible final album. They get you to let your guard down with the pretty piano intro then slap you across the face with the heavy. Toning it down with a bit of a haunting verse, and chorus. Pretty awesome track.

If this in fact the final album from the band, they went out with a pretty great product. Its not my favorite album, but not ending on a dud is all anyone can hope for. This album earns you give it a spin. While its very straightforward and doesn't have many surprises, it doesn’t have any duds either. I do hope they continue to many more but if not, well done, well done. Also, in case anyone was wondering, my favorite some from them is Ich Will, and album from start to end would probably have to be the last album, the self titled. Love that thing

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