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Jonathan Young - Starship Velociraptor

Release the GalactiKraken!

There are many voices for nerd culture on this platform, but few are more power, but still majestic, as Jonathan's. His cover of the One Punch theme is still a regular listen for me. If you have never heard of him before allow me to summarize. He's fucking amazing. Imagine if the Disney Villains and Anime Heroes fused into one voice, there you go. And well this man has dropped a new album, Starship Velociraptor, you trying to join Psychostik Jonathan? Let's find out how this stacks up, and here, we go.

It kicks off with Glory or Gold. The blend of Metal guitar and Powerful Synth is on full display right from the get go. The grand atmosphere being created that is pushed further with the heavy reverb on his vocals. Feels fittingly otherworldly. Some only know Jonathan for his vocal talents but this song shows how multi talented he truly is.

Best Band in the Universe

You take Jonathan, and add Ninja Brian... I never clicked on a Video so fast when I saw this pop up in my feed. There is a strong feeling of NSP in this song so it has earned all of yes, sorry ozzy you gotta give em back for this. The main synth riff feels like an old arcade fighter. The song overall would really fit in one too. Also, gold star for possibly the greatest ending of a song, ever

Settle It With a Swordfight

The way every argument should be settled in my opinion. Or with, you know words, should probably try that first. Then when you are done just listen to the sexy intro guitar solo. Definitely leaning more on the guitar side in this one but it still melds perfectly with synth runs. I can see this track being used for a bloody AMV, some should get right to that, dig into your mid 2000's linkin park selves and create greatness, the greatness this song deserves. Don't test me, I have plenty of swords so I'm prepared to settle this, so do it now


Another song befitting of its title, as you feel you are just speeding through the stars. The song does slow a bit in the verse and chorus, with the chorus going almost poppy. All this adds up the main attraction of the album so far, its atmosphere. This song is the soundtrack for Space Mountain... I miss Space Mountain

Army of Tigers

Tiger. Heaviest song by a huuuuge margin so far. I had the primeval uuuh face through the entire intro. Its another silly song subject matter wise but if you dare call that flaw I will harness his army and come for you. This song is bad ass, and so are Tigers, just experience it for yourself. Amazingness will follow

Storm the Castle

Infiltrate - Storm the Gate! I feel like I'm at the Medieval times dinner which goes to show, he knows how to connect subject matter to audio matter. The chorus brings the neighboring Pirate's Dinner for a little influence. Raise that black flag and Kill the king!

Starship Velociraptor

TITLE TRACK! That intro starts off shall I say... Sexy? Like it is summoning Danny Sexbang. While this song is more pulled back on the vocals, what moves to the forefront is that thicc, chonky, bass. Bass from outer space

Man the Cannons

Back to Space Tortuga. This song is if you combine Alestorm and Synthwave. Listening to this song makes me want one single thing, a Cyberpunk Pirates of the Space Caribbean. Is that asking too much. Oh wait (treasure planet)

Jetpack Race

Of course the song with Race sounds like its from Sonic... good job. Bass is back in the forefront with its infectious grooves. If they don't play this song during the Olympics I'm going to be sorely disappointed. 100m dash would be amazing. This song puts Jonathan's range on display too as the verse is a constant run, oh that makes sense.

Ten-thousand Light-Years

Man, this song is beautiful. Didn't expect to get one, but this is the close your eyes and feel it song of the album. That's all, just close your eyes and take it in

Final Frontier

The Final Frontier of the album and it closes strong in the forces of riff. Opting for the slower in your face method which adds to the feeling of epicness a closing act needs. There's hints of Dream Theatre here and that is always a welcome edition. Grab your lighters, hold em high, and begin the deep head bang.

Well take me to Spaceies and pass me a space soda that was amazing. Go space broncos. I'm sure you gathered this much but this album is certainly first class. There was never a down moment and even when it pulls back it still hits in the space jimmies. Please go and check this out for yourself if you have not done so already, and go subscribe to Jonathan, sorry Galatikraken. Do it now, or else my name isn't David, but you can call me Fenrirock. Take Care

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